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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

40 Town Criers Descend on Windsor for Annual Championships

Visitors to Windsor town centre on Saturday 4 August were treated to a rare spectacle - the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers (AHGTC) 2018 Guild Championships.
At 11:30am at the Guildhall, some 38 of the UK’s town criers gathered to demonstrate their lung-power. The British criers were also joined by two members of the AHGTC who came all the way from Australia to compete.  
Dressed in their traditional finery, including tricorn hats, liveried overcoats and 18th century-style buckled shoes, they competed to be named this year’s top crier.
The AHGTC stated wee clearly thrilled to be able to hold their event in Windsor this year. They stated: “This is our Guild’s 40th anniversary and to mark this celebration we are delighted that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Crown Estate and The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead are allowing us to hold this event right in the heart of town, directly beneath the walls of Windsor Castle.”
The criers were all asked to inform onlookers about their own towns, using their most impressive vocal skills, all whilst ringing their famous bells. They were judged by some notable poeple from the local community, including the Mayor’s secretary, Alison Singleton, and Debbie Raven who runs the local Thames Hospice.

Although Windsor’s own crier didn’t win the top prize, it was a former soldier with the Household Cavalry, Christian Ashdown - the crier for Haslemere, who was named Best Town Crier 2018. He was formerly based at Windsor’s very own Combermere Baracks.

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