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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Where to buy Windsor Castle Tickets...

Windsor Castle Tickets
This summer is the best time to go and visit Windsor Castle - the town is bustling with people and there are always extra things going on to cope with the volume of tourists.  All of the shops and restaurants will be open and ready to serve you and the Castle staff will be geared up to handle the volume of people so don't let the busy time of year put you off - it's much more fun!

When the sun is shining you can get some magnificent photos of Windsor Castle so don't forget to pack your camera.  Samuel Pepys called it "the most romantique castle that is in the world" and that is still true to this day. 

There is parking at the foot of the Castle in two car parks - we recommend parking in the one behind Browns restaurant rather than the one by the river. The council-run car park behind Browns is a little cheaper.  You can also walk to Windsor Castle from Alma House B&B in less than 10 minutes.  If you take in a coffee or the shops on the way then it could take a lot longer but is great fun!

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