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Monday, 16 January 2012

Welcome to Windsor in 2012!

As London prepares to host the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games this year, Windsor will see some of the action itself as nearby Dorney lake hosts the Olympic rowing from 28th July to the 4th August.  The facilities at Dorney are first class and there is even a new footbridge being built from Windsor racecourse to the rowing complex - this is how the organisers want you to get there as access from the other side of the Thames is somewhat limited.
Whilst there will be much excitement in Windsor, some people may be fearful of large crowds and overly inflated prices and whilst most establishments may charge a premium during the Olympic Rowing week, a lot of the action will be in London the rest of the time so don't worry unnecessarily over this period as it will be business as usual for most.  Windsor is well prepared for extra visitors and many households are advertising their own homes as a place to stay to put up visitors.  If you haven't found somewhere to stay yet for the Olympic period take a look st - a new Olympic accommodation website for Windsor 2012!